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Think “Yelp” or “Trip Advisor” for neighborhoods. That’s the idea behind a brand-new interactive website called BlockAvenue (http://www.blockavenue.com).

Developed by a company headquartered in Cambridge, the site’s objective is to grade locations based on user contributions and more than 50 million data points so that renters, potential homeowners or visitors can easily discover a neighborhood’s make-up and how it’s trending.

The data points consist of highly diverse bits of information, ranging from the expected restaurants, schools and points of interest to statistics on crime and the location of known sex offenders. 

The intuitive site is easy to navigate. Users need only type in an address, neighborhood or city. Zooming out shows the overall grades; zooming in breaks them into their component data points.

Any new software tool is bound to have a few bugs and some ghosts in this machine have already been sighted. As more and more users add their input and reviews, however, BlockAvenue.com has the potential to become extremely useful.

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