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The legislation that banned smoking in public places throughout New York City will soon be coming home to roost. Landlords and renters alike are making moves now that work for or against the trend.
It’s becoming more and more difficult for renters who smoke to find apartments where they can light up inside. Landlords eager to discourage the habit because of its attendant drawbacks (which include stale tobacco smells, nicotine stains, burn marks, neighbor complaints and potential fire hazards) believe that the demand for accommodation is so great, a smoking ban won’t affect their ability to rent.
On the other hand, the few landlords who advertise that smoking is allowed (the New York Times recently surveyed listings on Craigslist.com and found only four apartments throughout five boroughs where it was permitted) find they are attracting more prospects.
As more landlords, co-op and condo boards prohibit smoking, renters who do smoke may opt to leave that particular criterion out of their home search or engage in the activity discreetly, on balconies or other outside areas.
Whether you smoke or not, the option is just one more item to consider when looking for rental accommodation in New York City.

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