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Remember that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie Bradshaw made a mad dash through muddy streets in order to retrieve her sweater from the dry cleaners on time? For many New Yorkers, simple things simply aren’t  Like laundry and dry cleaning.

That’s about to change and, in some neighborhoods, it already has thanks to DashLocker.

DashLocker provides 15 x 22” personal lockers where clients can drop off their dirty items for laundering, dry cleaning – even shoes for polishing – at their convenience, 24/7. DashLocker collects the articles and cleans them at another location. Then the items are delivered back to the locker and the client receives a text or email advising they’re ready for pick-up.

Clients access their locker with a 4-digit PIN. No need to hang out in a laundromat or tip a delivery person! The service is ideal for time-starved professionals who don’t have the luxury of a 24-hour doorman, valet or concierge at their apartment or condo building.

The company is the start-up brainchild of Robert Hennessy, a former banker who gave up his career at SAC Capital to become an entrepreneur. Inspired by an operation  in San Francisco called Laundry Locker, Hennessy licensed its software for his own chain and modeled his business on its concept.

DashLocker is currently available at four retail stations and is operating at twelve apartment buildings in Manhattan with sixteen more buildings contracted for installation. One of those locations is Equity Residential’s Parc East at 240 East 27th Street in Kip’s Bay.

Hennessy is planning to move into 1000 more New York City buildings over the next year. There is no cost associated with the new service for landlords.

Aaron Feldman, co-founder of Benchmark, is waiting to see how his tenants at 65 Bank Street, 425 Third Avenue, 28 West 26th Street and 320 East 22nd Street feel about the new amenity. If response is positive, he may add DashLocker to his other properties.

According to Feldman, it’s a service not many other buildings offer. “It’s a way our tenants will recognize that we are looking outside the box.”

Robert Hennessy’s expectation is that he will ultimately sell his start-up company to a property manager or real estate developer. In the meantime, he’s happy to keep cleaning up!

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