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If the recently updated East River Blueway Plan gets the green light, a public beach underneath the Brooklyn Bridge could be created.

The brainchild of Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer, and state Assemblyman, Brian Kavanagh, the proposed development plan would rejuvenate the waterfront between East 38th Street and the Brooklyn Bridge.

At a recent public meeting, Mr.Stringer said the plan would shore up critical weaknesses revealed during the course of Hurricane Sandy with stronger barriers to withstand any flooding of the East River.

Apart from erosion control and addressing public safety, the waterfront area would also provide welcome recreation and respite for the community. Kayaking, a natural beach under the bridge with concession stands and various amenities would create a popular public space.

Although Stringer and Kavanagh initiated the redesign plan 16 months ago, funding and a timeline for completion have not yet been received.

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