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At the time of this writing, full power still has not been restored although most sections of Lower Manhattan and all subway lines have been reopened.

Housing inventory has always been tight in New York City. Now, with anywhere from 20 to 40,000 New Yorkers left homeless because of Sandy, City and Federal officials are faced with the near-impossible task of finding temporary accommodation for them.

At a recent news conference, Mayor Bloomberg admitted that there are not many vacancies in New York. He said, “We are not going to let anybody go sleeping in the streets or go without blankets, but it’s a challenge and we’re working on that as fast as we can.”

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Director, Craig Fugate, said that most people displaced by Hurricane Sandy would be housed in apartment buildings and hotels. On storm-ravaged Long Island, single-family housing is the norm and even fewer apartments are available there. Mr. Fugate noted that his agency is faced with housing shortages but promised that FEMA would provide accommodation alternatives appropriate to each neighborhood.

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