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Finally, when the time comes for your transferee to move on, you can count on us to help them close out all services, ensure both they and the company are protected, and all loose ends have been tied off.

Departure Services, Destination Services


• Lease Expiration & Property Turn Over. We’ll make sure to follow all management guidelines when the lease comes to expiration, and to do a final walk-thru of the property prior to turning over the keys. This will ensure that the transferee is not billed for “ordinary wear and tear”, and to document any damage which they may be held liable for.

• Security Deposit Return. We’ll see to it that the full deposit will be returned to either the transferee directly, or the company, within 30-60 days of final move-out. Should there be excessive damage, we will document exactly what was done, and negotiate the cost with the landlord and what will be deducted from our initial Security Deposit.

• Utility Services Terminated. Ensuring the transferee or company will not be charged for services post lease expiration.

• Additional Services Terminated. Many people forget about monthly, quarterly, or semi annual services which will be billed against a bank account or credit card. We want to ensure proper termination of all such services, and proper “hand-off” back to the landlord (e.g. oil delivery, snow removal, landscaping).

Departure Services, Destination Services


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If you have any questions about your plans for New York Relocation, please let us know!

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